How to get better in Fantasy sports

To be better in fantasy sports and accordingly to win tournaments and h2h matches, hence money from your hobby you need to constantly expand your knowledge on the fantasy sports and the league you picked for your play. Broadly speaking, in fantasy sports a person learns mainly from his own mistakes and his experience, but certainly there are some shortcuts that you could take in order to get to the necessary knowledge faster.

Of course, in fantasy leagues it is essential to know very well the rules of the game, which elements of the game bring more points and which don’t, but mostly it is important to have a good general knowledge of the sport, which you are going to play. This is valid for all sports – basketball and NBA, baseball and MLB, football and NFL and of course ice hockey and NHL.

However, most probably you would quickly find out that in fantasy sports the good general knowledge and expertise in basketball or hockey won’t guarantee you success. Moreover, you’ll probably be surprised to see the team lists of the top players, including little-known players who are not expected to bring so many points. This is because fantasy teams are built mainly with the idea to keep the balance between points that the player could bring and his price. Exactly the balance is hardest to achieve, but you could do it if you spend enough time learning.

Like all things that are learnt by trials and errors, the assembling of the best fantasy team is a matter of practice. So, our advice is when you start to learn how to assemble a fantasy team, take part in as many free tournaments and h2h matches as you can and keep experimenting all the time. Another important advice when we talk about fantasy sports is to keep a detailed statistics on what results you get from all your experiments. The latter is particularly important because it could give you the opportunity over time to easily revise your experiments and thus to analyze the information again, but with a lot more knowledge behind your back.

H2h fantasy matches give you a unique opportunity and it is to play against the biggest names in fantasy leagues and to learn from their experience. Check who are the best players in your fantasy sports site and challenge them to match with the lowest possible amount. In this way you would be able to see their teams and to analyze how they arrange their balanced compositions. This would give you new information about which strategies are most profitable.

Above all, keep in mind one. To become a true fantasy sports player you need to work hard and to have the necessary time for this. Only in this way you will be able to succeed and ultimately make money from fantasy sports.

Cardiff vs Aston Villa Away win DNB

The match from the 26th round of the Premier League between Aston Villa and Cardiff will be played on Tuesday at 20.45 local time. Cardiff is on the second to last place in the current standings with 21 points. Aston Villa has six points more for now, which means that an eventual victory for the away team tonight will be decisive for their salvation among the best teams in England.

The appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a manager of Cardiff didn’t gave the major boost the Welsh needed to come off from the bottom. The Norwegian, who recorded great results as a manager of Molde recorded five losses in his first six matches in the team.

The style of the team was not improved too as Cardiff continued to perform poorly and didn’t create enough goal attempts. In the last six Premier League matches the players from Cardiff have scored only four goals, which is not good at all.

Aston Villa is with two straight losses and six in the last ten matches they have played in the Premier League. This is a result that is more than unconvincing for the team, although Villa leads the group of teams that are fighting to escape relegation. Nevertheless, Aston Villa has players in the squad like Christian Benteke and Gabriel Agbonlahor that can decide a match against Cardiff with just one touch.

This is exactly why it is not strange that the big bookmakers offer odds for a match between equal teams. Bet365 favors the hosts as they offer odds for their victory of 2.5 versus 3 for an away win. The bookie’s proposal for a draw is 3.4.

Much lower coefficient for a draw is proposed by William Hill as it is only 3.1. The same rate is the eventual victory for Aston Villa, but the home team’s chances in this match are estimated at 2.4.

bet-at-home offers rates as follows 2.3, 3.3 and 3 for a home win, a draw and a victory for the visitors in the match.

I personally don’t see how Aston Villa will lose this match, although honestly I don’t see how they will win it. That’s why I would bet the home not to win. The highest odds for this bet comes with the bookmakers 12BET, 5Dimes and Dafabet and is 1.63.

An interesting betting statistic – Part Two

A few days ago we talked about an interesting betting statistic that I found in one of the betting forums I regularly read. It’s about what happens after the visiting team in a football match succeed to score in the first five minutes of the match.

So far we have discussed such matches from the English Premier League and Bundesliga in Germany.

However, if we look at the matches in France, we can see that the statistics show that this is the league in which is at least possible for the home team to recover and reach victory after receiving an early goal. This means that if you see a match where the guests lead up within the very first minutes you can safely bet in-play in their favor. Most likely it will be a successful bet.

Of course, you need at first to carefully analyze the proposed by the bookmakers betting odds as it is determining whether your bet will be justified or not.

For the other two leagues and especially the Spanish Primera Division can be said that they are far less predictable and more difficult than the others. However, in both championships most probably such match will end with results like 1-2 and 0:2.

Something else that can be seen from these data is that in Italy the home team has most chances to equalize almost immediately. This can be used if you decide to bet on which team will score the next goal of the match.

Of course, it’s just a betting statistic and we all could make different conclusions from it. However, it should be carefully analyzed and probably implemented in different ways, according to the way of betting a player prefer. One thing is certain, this is a statistic that is more than curious and interesting for all who enjoy sports betting.

An interesting betting statistic

While browsing in one of my favorite betting forums on the internet I came across a very interesting statistics that may be useful to those who bet in-play on football matches.

The statistics cover matches in which the away team was able to score a goal in the first five minutes and thus to take an early lead in the match. These statistics cover the five major championships Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, Primera Division in Spain, Ligue 1 in France and Bundesliga in Germany.

What this betting data shows?

An interesting fact is that in Germany the chances of the home to do a complete reversal are higher than everywhere – about 25%. It allows in-play betting, although it is unlikely that easily to get odds for a home win at 4 so early in the match. However, if you decide to wait until halftime to take better odds, then the chances for the home team to recover will be highly reduced.

However, after an early goal for the visitors the most likely outcome of the match in Bundesliga is 1:1. Such result occurs around 22% of matches, which is more than an excellent result. However, it is also unlikely to get odds of 4.5 for a draw, which to give you the option to make a bet. On the other hand, a bet on the exact score of the match is more than good.

The next most likely outcome after an early goal for the visitors in Bundesliga is 1:2, which occurs in 12% of the matches, followed by 3:2, which again occurs in 12% of the matches.

The betting statistics are quite interesting in the matches of the Premier League. It shows that the most likely outcome in such matches is 2-1 for the hosts. Moreover, according to the statistics the majority of goals scored by the hosts are in the second half and even after the 60th minute. This will ensure you excellent odds at the end of the match for the home team to win.

However, you should note that the next four most likely result in the matches of the Premier League after an early goal scored by the guests are for an away win.

More data to follow after a few days.